Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Dose of Creativity

I recently wrote an article for a magazine call Park Culture, which is published by Culturapress.  The theme was creativity and its benefits to our health and mental well being.

I am a volunteer for an organisation called A.P.R.I.L. (Action on Pain Resource and Information Library).
Its aim is to provide support and information for those affected by Chronic Pain both physical and mental.
On a monthly basis we provide Art Therapy and Craft Sessions. Not only is it a distraction from the constant pain that has to be endured, but it provides an outlet to express feelings.
Writing and Singing can also fulfil this need.

For some people who have been forced to give up a career due to poor health, being able to "dip their toes" into the creative arts, may well open up opportunities for them to pursue an alternative career, with many benefits



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