Sunday, 19 December 2010

And about time!

After much procrastination, I have at long last created a blog. I must say I quite enjoyed the process.
I really have no shortage of things to write about. Firstly, I am one of the owners of a beach bar and restaurant called Uncle Ernie's. It is situated on the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla. Worth a visit should you be passing that way.
I help my daughter in her beauty salon L'Art de Beaute. I smile on reception and keep her accounts in order. My eldest son, who lives in Los Angeles, is a professional skateboarder; living his dream and getting paid for it. I'm helping him and his friend to set up a skate camp in Truro in Cornwall this summer.
I'm also a volunteer and trustee for a charity called A.P.R.I.L. (Action on Pain Resource and Information Library). The organisation provides help and support to anyone affected by chronic pain.
With caring for the needs of my 'soon to be teenager' youngest son and being 'Nanny Cracky' (I'll explain another day), to my three grand children, it's a busy life.
On the writing front I have a couple of articles I'm working on for a magazine. Fingers crossed!